SZ stranding line


SZ stranding line

12/1250 SZ stranding line


♦ Main Features

 12-path type 1250 pay off reel is used for loose tube pay off. Large length and high- count optical cable production can be realized.

• Accumulated tension control is used for loose tube pay off.

• Multi-motor driven differential (SZ) stranding unit is used, setting of stranding pitch and back-angle is convenient.

• Bi-directional yarn binding mode of forward and reverse cross yarn binding is used to make optical cable structure stable and cable stranding reliable.

• Longitudinal wrapping unit is used, with high stranding speed.

• The line has functions of loose tube lump alarming, tension over-limit alarming, yarn broken, tape broken, yarn exhaust, tape exhaust alarming and machine stop.


♦ Main technical parameters

Cabling speed
Power supply
3×400V ±10% , 50HZ
Max.cable diameter
Total power
Loose tube fiber pay-off tension 
Cablied optical fiber added losses
Single fiber 1550nm
Stranded unilateral swing angle
6~16π ajutstable
Average value<0.01dB/Km
Cabling pitch
Reinforced core pay-off tension
50~1500N adjustable
Allowed loose tube diameter
Fiber loose tube <3mm
Outline dimension
Fiber ribbon loose tube 4~10mm
Total weight

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