Optic fiber ribbon line


Optic fiber ribbon line


QY-BD12/410 Optical fiber ribbon line


♦ Main Features

• The line is used for production of optical fiber ribbon with types of 4-fiber, 6- fiber and 12-fiber. Active optical fiber pay off, suspended axle fast-locking reel¬loading, swing bar tension controller and weight adjustable tension keep optical fiber in small constant tension action state all the time. Reel traversing take up is driven by ball screw. All traversing take ups are driven by import AC servo motors, which keeps optical fiber ribbons in flat and straight state all the time to ensure regular arrangement and no micro-bending for optical fibers.


♦ Main technical parameters

Mechanical speed
Max 700m/min
Production rate
Fiber ribbon sructure &performance 
Pay off tension
Take up tension
Pay off reel  25km standard reel 
Φ236xΦ160xΦ108mm, shaft hole Φ25.4
50 km standard pay off reel 
Φ236xΦ160xΦ225mm,shaft hole Φ25.4
Take up reel type 400 special T type reel  
Φ410xΦ310xΦ390m,shaft hole Φ50.8+0.2)
Overall size  
10 X1.8 X2m (LXWXH)

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