Fiber Coloring & rewinding machine


Fiber Coloring & rewinding machine

Fiber Coloring&rewinding machine


The machine is designed for coloring the surface of optical fiber so as to easily identify the multi-fiber in loose tube. It also can be used for rewinding fiber.

These are the minimum specifications any comments please put in red Color

Ⅱ.Technical characteristics
1. Construction speed                                              2500m/min 
   Coloring max working speed                                 2200m/min 
   Coloring comfortable daily workign speed            2200m/min 
2. Fiber tension                                                         0.3-1.5±0.05N
3. Traversing pitch                                                   0.1-1.0±0.01mm
4. Reel size                                                               Capable of handling (63 kms, 50.4 kms & 25.2 Kms)
   Reel flange día                                                       236-300mm
   Reel width                                                              108-250mm
   Shaft bore día                                                        25.4mm
   Reel weight                                                            10kg
5. Metering accuracy                                                 ≤1‰
6. Additional loss                                                       ≤0.01db/km (SM. fiber, at 1310nm, 1550nm)
7. Nitrogen purity                                                      ≥99.99%
8. Operating temperature                                          20-25℃
9. Press air pressure                                                 0.5Mpa
10. Outline size                                                          2200mm*1380mm*1900mm

Ⅲ. Machine configuration and description
1. Pay-off
It is suspend shaft structure with auto-centering unit. The reel is clamped with quick-lock. Pay-off stand moves back and forth on high precision linear guide way and balls crews. 

2. Pay-off tension dancer
It is swing arm with multi-wheel structure. It owns high accuracy bearing and high speed guiding wheel with laser sensor for traversing.  The tension is controlled by weight mechanically. 
Dust removing device
The dust on fiber is eliminated by a electric static air blow. At the exit of fiber pay-off there is an circle static removing device. 

3. Coloring system
There are coloring applicator, heating unit, ink supplier, cleaning unit and pressure unit. Usually the upper die diameter is 270μm, the under die is 258μm. There is an electrical ion eliminator ring before coloring.   (our under die is  258μm). The pressure can be adjusted. The temperature can be shown and adjusted on the touch screen. 

4. UV curing furnace
There is two curing furnaces. The furnace own inert gas supply protecting system and air cooling system. The first furnace include one German power supplier, one UV-Technik (German) 7.5kw  UV lamp, a quartz tube. The German power supplier’s power can be synchronized with the linear speed. 
The second furnace also use German UV Technique lamp
The furnace is installed horizontally. The fiber pass through the furnace by pneumatic blow.  The pressure and current of Nitrogen can be adjusted manually. A 1.5kw low-noise ventilator is installed. The power of ventilator can be synchronized with line speed through Danfoss frequency converter.
The nitrogen consumption is 30L/min, or 1.8CBM/h.

Capstan with metering unit it is wheel capstan structure with metering unit. The capstan diameter is 159.15mm. The capstan is wrapped with seamless belt. The belt is tensioned pneumatically. The capstan is driven by 1kw Panasonic servo system. The metering adopts the equipped encoder of servo motor. 

6. Take-up tension dancer it is similar to pay-off dancer. 

7. Take-up it is similar to pay-off. There is a reel width auto-detecting system. It also owns an electrical ion eliminator ring near take-up stand. The precise traversing of take-up reel is assured by laser sensor. The traversing pitch can be adjusted on the touch screen steplessly. 

8. Electrical control system
Electrical control system adopts industry touch screen from Easyview and Siemens PLC S7 with analog input/output high speed counter control technique. All components can run synchronously and individually. All transmissions adopt Panasonic AC servo control system(For all pay-off and take-up, two 2kw MSME-A5 are used. For traversing pay-off and take-up, two 0.75kw MSMD-A5 are used. For capstan a 1kw MSME-A5 is used.  all process parameters such as speed, traversing pitch, coloring length, ink heating temperature etc. can be set on touch screen. The machine can automatically stop when fiber running out or breaking.

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