Optical cable Sheathing Line


Optical cable Sheathing Line


Optical cable Sheathing Line



♦ Main Features

• Outer sheath can be extruded for kinds of optical cable structure. Corrugator is active, with corrugating depth adjustable and speed automatic tracking.

• Stainless steel large length water trough ensures enough and efficient cooling for optical cable sheath.

• Electric system uses suspended operation station, with centralized control and convenient adjust.

• Main electric components are import brand products, with all kinds of data displayed on instruments to ensure stable and reliable production.


♦ Main technical parameters

Cable core diameter
Power supply
3×400V ±10% , 50HZ
Extrusion diameter
Production line speed
 Cable core diameterΦ10.0~Φ14mm
Installed power
Outline dimension

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